Pajari Girl on Etsy (and in person)!

Here are a few things I’ve been working on this winter: scrub caps, small dog bandanas, and SO MANY BAGS!! I still love making them, and tweaking my process.

Scrub caps for my son were a fun project. I made him, too! ❤️
Faux fur pouches have been a hit on Etsy and in person. So soft!!

I’m really excited to do in-person sales, I haven’t done anything but Etsy since Christmas. Oh-and the Northwoods Friends of the Arts gallery 2x a month. Here’s a shot of my corner there.

Speaking of which, Christmas Spiders were (and continue to be) a best-seller. I’ll paraphrase the actual legend, which comes with the spiders. There was a woman in Germany, cleaning for Christmas…that scared all the spiders to the attic. When they crept back down to see the beautiful tree, they raced along all the branches leaving webs behind. When Santa came, he saw the mess and knew the woman would be BUMMED. So he turned all the webs sparkly, and that’s why we have tinsel! Spider butt-ropes! The more you know…

The first sale of the year will be Timber Days in Cook MN on June 9-11. Followed by opening day of the Cook Area Farmers’ Market the 17th. I had a blast last year, and read a lot of tarot cards. Instead of long detailed readings for $20, I now offer three cards for $10. Past, present, future.

This is a recent spread I did for myself ..maintain good boundaries, have a night out with friends, and truth in justice.

See you at market!!

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