Pajari Girl on Etsy (and in person)!

Here are a few things I’ve been working on this winter: scrub caps, small dog bandanas, and SO MANY BAGS!! I still love making them, and tweaking my process.

Scrub caps for my son were a fun project. I made him, too! ❀️
Faux fur pouches have been a hit on Etsy and in person. So soft!!

I’m really excited to do in-person sales, I haven’t done anything but Etsy since Christmas. Oh-and the Northwoods Friends of the Arts gallery 2x a month. Here’s a shot of my corner there.

Speaking of which, Christmas Spiders were (and continue to be) a best-seller. I’ll paraphrase the actual legend, which comes with the spiders. There was a woman in Germany, cleaning for Christmas…that scared all the spiders to the attic. When they crept back down to see the beautiful tree, they raced along all the branches leaving webs behind. When Santa came, he saw the mess and knew the woman would be BUMMED. So he turned all the webs sparkly, and that’s why we have tinsel! Spider butt-ropes! The more you know…

The first sale of the year will be Timber Days in Cook MN on June 9-11. Followed by opening day of the Cook Area Farmers’ Market the 17th. I had a blast last year, and read a lot of tarot cards. Instead of long detailed readings for $20, I now offer three cards for $10. Past, present, future.

This is a recent spread I did for myself ..maintain good boundaries, have a night out with friends, and truth in justice.

See you at market!!

Summer Wrap-Up

Hi, friends! Summer is wrapping up in northern MN; there was frost in our area last night, but it didn’t go below 39 degrees here at the House on the Hill. Whew!

The apple trees produced like mad after last year’s drought and late spring frost. Even the Linden tree didn’t bloom last year. And not. one. apple. Luckily my sister Jacqueline lent me her Mehu Liisa steam juicer. Holy hell does that make crab apple harvest suck a LOT less! It’s been 3 years since I could make my Candied Crabapple jelly, and I’m so grateful. (I add a few Red Hots to the crabapple juice, and it’s my favorite jelly ever!)

Two days’ picking led to 6 five-gallon buckets of crabapples!!

Rhubarb had an excellent, long season due to cooler summer temps, too. My last harvest yielded 16 cups of chopped rhubarb, and was so huge I couldn’t carry it all in my arms. Almost all of it will be processed into Rhubarb Raspberry and Rhubarb Strawberry jam for farmers’ market. I did notice this week that I could sell jam on Etsy!! I’m not sure if I will, but it may be worth a try. If the jam lasts through the last few weeks at market, that is!

Last harvest of the season.
His Majesty.
A Rhubarb binrella.

Speaking of farmers’ market, I had a fun year there, too. There were several new vendors this year, but my booth kept me too busy to shop 😦 πŸ™‚ Sisters Jacqueline and Martha urged me to try sewing crossbody bags, and I think I have that shit down now, and you can find them on Pajari Girl’s Etsy shop. $25 and they include an adjustable 60 inch strap. There are two pockets inside for a debit card and a phone, and they hold a 20oz beverage, too.

Please note the super-cool leather tags with my logo!!

Festival of Skalds!!!

I got to spend lots of time with His Majesty, AKA The God of Thunder and Lightning this summer, too, and he loves to help harvest between aventures in the woods around our house.

The guy with the gun always goes first.

I have a few craft shows lined up for fall and winter and am looking forward to weather not being a factor in my displays. Wind and rain can wreak havoc in no time, and we were all grateful to have great weather almost every Saturday.

First up is the Nashwauk Boo-tique on October 7 and 8. I’ve never been to this show, but a Halloween-themed craft show? Hell yes. I plan to read tarot cards there, too. Should I dress up? I have so many pointy hats to choose from…

Then there is the Up North Shop on November 12 in Cook at the community center. Deer season brings a lot of people up from the cities, and there are a lot of spouses out there ready to do some revenge shopping. Bought a new gun? That’s nice. Now your spouse can buy jam and bags and other goodies guilt-free.

I haven’t been doing much photography this summer– summer is short and there is so much to do! My favorite thing is to put mini gnomes on mushrooms. They make cute greeting cards πŸ™‚

Gnome from Northern Gnomology, my friend Sue Thomas.
A gift from His Majesty!

I did have a show at the Northwoods Friends of the Arts Gallery with photographer Connie Stone this summer, and it was so fun. And scary. But mostly fun. I sold lots of jewelry that month!

My sculpture The Guardian was a hit πŸ™‚
Connie of Connie Stone Photography. Amazing photographer…wayyyyyyy better at portraits than I will ever be πŸ™‚

Ok, time to get back to staring at the steamer, waiting for it to boil. Catch you on the flip side! And hope to see you at some events!

The amazing Mehu Liisa.

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Festival of Skalds!

This weekend is the annual Festival of Skalds in Angora, Minnesota. Did you even know we HAVE a renaissance faire up here? We are so lucky! Last year was my first trip to a Ren Faire of any kind, and I wonder how the heck it took me this long. I knew right away I was BORN for this!! I even applied to be a vendor, and will be there this weekend! πŸ™‚ Hope to see you there! I’ll be reading fortunes with my tarot decks, and selling bags, pouches, and jewelry galore. Come check it out- you’ll be glad you did. Here are a few things I’ll be selling:

Glowing Moon and Eye Pendants
Tree of Life Jewelry
Glow in the dark bracelets that ward off the evil eye

Here’s some info from their website

Archery Demos!
Mustafa the storyteller
Entrance gate

Join us for a weekend of Olde Norse Merriment – Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info! ( )

Skalds were the keepers of Viking history and the great storytellers of their people.  

The Festival of Skalds is an Olde Norse themed event that includes:

  • Merchants of Handcrafted Wares
  • Vendors of Tasty Morsels
  • Ancient Games and Reenactments
  • Entertainment of Medieval Sorts
  • and Archery!

Saturday and Sunday, August 13-14,2022, 10a-5p both days

Festival Entrance:

8182 Carpenter Rd

Angora, MN  55703

Entrance Fee, Only $5.00 per adult 13+, $1.00 kids 12 and under (or FREE with a canned good donation

All canned goods will be donated to the Cook Area Food Pantry in Cook, MN.

 (Our 2021 Festival collected  2 large boxes of items for the food pantry and a cash donation. Thank you for all the contributions.)

Craft Merchants

2022 Craft Vendors:

  • Iron Ranger Arts – All things Primitive, Archery, Historical Replicas, Leather Goods, etc. –
  • Drew’s Blades – Blacksmith – Knives, Swords, Axes, and Spears – look for “Drew’s Blades” on Facebook
  • Inkling – Books of Adventure and related items –
  • Custom Koztumez – Unique one of a kind renaissance garments, accessories, Jewelry, and leather too.
  • Natures Treasures MN – Hand Crafted Wood Burned Art, Cribbage Boards, Hand Crafted Jewelry made with Natural Stones –
  • Tamarack Farms – Goat Milk Soap, Buckwheat Hull Pillows, Bamboo and Hemp Washcloths, Recycled Fabric Rugs, and Wooden Clipboards
  • Mythical Menagerie – Fantasy Poeable Art Dolls, Fantasy Watercolor prints, Fantasy Watercolor Stickers, Fantasy Pendants –
  • Henna by Anya – Henna body art and resin fantasy figurines.
  • Art by Sarah Riley – Original Paintings and Prints, Ornaments, and Norse Rune Readings –
  • Art from Ann to Zak – Original Pastel creations, Prints and Greeting Cards, and Hand carved Wooden Spoons –
  • Pajari Girl, LLC – Jewelry, Suncatchers, Horeshoe Art, Photography, Metal Stamping, Bird Feeders, and Tarot –
  • Arachne’s Garden – Nalebinding  (the oldest know method of creating fabric from yarn, sometimes referred to as “Viking Knitting”) Nalebinded hats, mittens, pouches, etc.  Also handcrafted herbal soaps, creams, and salves.  Blacksmithed Tools and Survival Gear – @arachnes_garden on Instagram
  • Magical Musings Books – Handmade journals, wood-burned gifts (boxes, spoons, coasters, wall hangings, boards, fabric and leather), runes (wood and stone), and pendulums – www,
  • Heidi’s Haus – Cold-processed soaps, beeswax candles, balms, and broom corn fly swatters –
  • Darlene Hodge Books – Books and Story Tellings –
  • Out of Water Mermaids – Aquatic Trinkets and Mermaid Treasures
  • Northern Gnomology – Handmade Gnomes from the North
  • Down to Earth Designs – Wood Burnt Designs on Mushrooms and Diamond Willow, Granite Etchings, and Jewelry
  • North Central Gems and Minerals – Gems, Stones, and Minerals of all sorts
  • Lan-Da-Cre – Empress of the Fairie Realm brings you her Jewelry, Dragon Eggs, art, Costumes, Tiaras, and Wands
  • Valhalla Ridge Farms – Apothecary Medicine, Candles, Soaps, Gnomes, Willow Baskets, Pickled Dragon Eggs, and more.

Tarot Bags

My latest project has been tarot bags. I love my cards, but wanted a better way to store, display, and use them.

The first attempts are now up on my Etsy shop , Pajari Girl. All these bags are titled Tarot Bags, but they are awesome for crystals, rocks, runes, etc., too! I started with a complicated design that included square bottomed cotton fabric bags with velvet and fleece linings, as well as little finishing touches on each bag like charms and pendants. I’m charging $20 for these because they were a total pain in the ass to make 😜.

Next up is a simpler bag with no lining, which will be a less expensive option.

Be sure to favorite my shop on Etsy, so you don’t miss any sales or new products.

Jewelry, Photography, and Tarot

Hey, y’all! I hope you had a safe and happy Halloween full of spells and candy. πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ¬πŸ­

LOVE the Labyrinth deck and more about the Crow deck later.

I was obsessed with the movie Labyrinth the first time I saw it. It was the first movie I bought and I wore the VHS tape out πŸ™‚ The deck’s major arcana did not disappoint. Ludo as the Hanged Man, Fireys as the Devil, and of course Jareth as the Magician and Sarah as the Fool. The foreword by Brian Froud, co-creator of the movie (the other was Jim Henson of the Muppets) reveals the story was based on the journey represented in tarot. Anyway, I’ve been using it in readings for myself and others and I love it.

I was so excited to hear last spring that there was a Labyrinth tarot deck coming out that I pre-ordered and waited. And waited. The shipping date was moved back so many times I lost count. I started seeing posts on Instagram and did a Google search. A bookstore called Blackwell’s in Oxford UK had them in stock, so I took a chance and cancelled the Amazon order. They shipped so fast, FREE.

I spent a lot of time making jewelry and suncatchers for the Cook Area Farmers’ Market this year. (Last year we did pre-orders only for market and people picked them up in the park.) It was great to visit with the other vendors and customers again.

Now the indoor shows are starting but I’ve opted out due to Covid. Instead, I’ve been concentrating on my Etsy shop. It’s a lot more work than selling in person, but I enjoy the challenge. Please go check it out, and ❀ my shop to keep updated on new listings. Free shipping over $35! Christmas is around the corner, and none of my goods will get stuck on a ship from China.

It means, “I love you,” in Minnesotan. 🀣

Lanyards were requested by sister Jacqueline, and now I can’t stop.
Glow in the dark beads for grownups!
Inspirational AF. Ask about custom colors or words. No extra charge, and at $10, excellent for stacking.
I found a model and a mini studio to take kick-ass photos.
I love how this suncatcher came out.
I’m working on head planters now.
I’m totally out of the broom closet now and have made a line of witchy jewelry.

Tree of Life Pentagram necklace.

I bought a new camera this spring and love having a longer lens. I’ll probably add photo prints to the Etsy shop, and I have several Suck Less and other inspirational AF photo greeting cards up already.
My first Monarch caterpillars!!

Thank you for looking! If you favorite my shop and subscribe to this blog, you’ll be the first to see new shiny things.

Masks, masks, masks!

Hey folks, it’s been a while. I hope this finds you as well as can be, considering the shitshow of a year we’ve all had.

Because I’m in a high-risk group, I am still basically sheltering in place. However, our four adult children work in health care and Mr. Wonderful’s job is essential, so I have plenty of time and reasons to stress tf out. I needed to do something to feel less powerless, per my therapist, stat. I decided to sew masks.

Before this year my only sewing experience was a brief obsession in the sixth grade. I recieved a nice Singer that Christmas, and Aunt Martha taught me the basics. I made a nightgown and a quilt and that was about it. I loved flooring the pedal, but the meticulousness of patterns, pinning, and ironing was beyond me and my machine ended up rusting out in the basement.

My first masks were sewn entirely by hand, including the ties, which took hours.

Youngest Spawn, Danny., wearing one of the first masks I made. He works in a nursing home as a CNA.

Then my cousin Shanna in California added me to Facebook group called Stitched Together. They match mask needs with sewists, entirely free, all over the country. I’ve learned so much about sewing in general and masks in particular from those amazing sewists.

Unfortunately, one thing I learned quickly was that mask-making supplies were almost as hard to find as other PPE. It took months to get my first order of elastic. Same story with bias tape, which can be used to make ties in a pinch. Getting aluminum nose pieces took even longer, so for a while I used wire. Also, my sewing machine was dead, so a friend lent me hers.

My productivity increased steadily. After spending a day at our house,Β  Grandson Raiden told his mom, “Granny makes maskes. LOTS of maskes, really fast!! Buzzzzzzz!”

Chain stitching. Total life changer and one of many hacks from Stitched Together.

Now, over 900 masks in, I’ve decided to sell some masks to fund more donations.

If you would like to buy a cool mask and help fund more donations, here’s a link to my Etsy shop, Pajari Girls. All masks are 2 ply cotton with soft elastic ear loops and aluminum nose pieces. And of course, they are made with love. Most are $7 for adult size and $5 for child size, except the RBG tribute masks, which are $10 each since the lace is hand stitched on. And with every mask sold, we can donate even more to those who still need them. Thanks in advance, and stay safe out there.

Notorious RBG!!
So. Many. Fabrics. With skulls, my favorite!!

Hiking Vermilion Gorge

Hi again! The summer was pretty busy so Mr. Wonderful, Danny, and I took a Sunday off to make another hike up to Vermilion Gorge. Β The leaves were still beautiful, and the high temp was 88!

People often mistake Vermilion Falls with Vermilion Gorge. The Falls are the really short hike that was shortened a few years ago. It’s right before Crane Lake. Here is the USFS sheet on that one. 

Vermilion Gorge is the 3 mile round-trip hike that takes about 3 hours “at a leisurely pace”, according to Vermilion Gorge USFS info sheet.  Drive all the way through Crane Lake and park in the private parking lot for Voyagaire Houseboats on the left. In the fall and early spring, the lot is full of said houseboats, but there will be signs pointing you to the trailhead.

The hike starts in a birch/aspen (popple) forest, and the sky was perfect this day. Most of the maple leaves were on the ground, but the vibrant yellows popped with the deep blue fall sky. We spent a lot of time looking straight up.

Vermilion Gorge (4 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (6 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (7 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (10 of 195)

As the trail climbed into the Norway pines, we noticed a million types of mushrooms.

Vermilion Gorge (18 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (26 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (20 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (29 of 195)

And writing this post, I noticed we got photobombed by a bald eagle!! Very top of the photo, left of center. 
The reflections were breathtaking. 

Some kind soul had left a walking stick at the trailhead, so the Boy happily used it, returning it for the next person.

Vermilion Gorge (32 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (34 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (37 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (38 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (47 of 195)

I could be wrong, but I think this is a glacial erratic. I didn’t get any good shots of it on this trip, so this pic is from last year.

Vermilion Gorge-208
Vermilion Gorge (69 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (79 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (82 of 195)

We sat for a break (for me, not them lol), and Paul noticed this birdnest in a birch tree overhanging the gorge.

Vermilion Gorge (103 of 195)

Yep, he has his device. But he got some awesome photos and is reading in this picture. No gaming.

Vermilion Gorge (124 of 195)

It was during this break that I noticed cairns farther upstream. Paul and Danny did some scouting, and were sure I could make it, with help. I’m so lucky to have these two; I wouldn’t have attempted this hike without backup. Not that it’s super-difficult; it’s just too much for me, with bum hips, knees, and ankles. They were such troopers, helping me up and down stairs and steep sections of trail.

Anyway,Β I remembered being on the other side of the monolith with a friend several years ago, and had pretty much given up the idea of making it there this time. Luckily the lure of getting photos with the sun hitting the gorge dead-on and a little encouragement from my family got me over the hump.

Vermilion Gorge (138 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (144 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (152 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (153 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (160 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (162 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (164 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (174 of 195)

Would you believe that not counting the canoeists, we only saw two people on the way in, and a group of four as we were almost back out??

Vermilion Gorge (183 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (191 of 195)
Vermilion Gorge (194 of 195)

Hope you enjoyed the hike!

Why I Write

This was one of the prompts at our last Summer Writers’ Group, and it was a great one! Easy to write, and fun to listen to everyone else’s answers. Do you write? Why?

I write to make people laugh, and to help myself cry.

I write to educate, elucidate, enumerate and illuminate.

I write because in seventh grade, Mr. Durbin told me to never stop doing so.

Sometimes I write to reason things out for myself and others.

I’ve written a few moral inventories to save myself from myself.

Lately I’ve been writing to advertise, trying to build a dream and share it with the world.

When I was a child and young adult I wrote because I knew my brain would forget the important, terrible truths of life. Even at 5 I knew the inexorable nature of denial. It took many years to see denial differently; a tool the mind uses to protect itself.

Sometimes now I write for posterity–hoping future generations will be a fraction as grateful as I am toward previous generations efforts, to capture the present for the future’s past.

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