PowerBall Christmas Shopping List

How fun would Christmas shopping be if I won the lottery?? (Seriously, follow the links–they are half the fun.)


My Big  Sister Lois would get a yak, which was Rachel C’s great idea…


…and a Hippopotamus For Christmas. Real ones. Complete with enclosures etc. And enough money that she could stay at home on The Funny Farm and play with creatures, her chainsaw, and shovel POO!  to her heart’s content, instead of going to The Barn every day. (The Barn vs. the barn.)

All of the Pajari Girls would get pink guns. Because it’s ironic. And badass. Check out these Google pics of pink guns.

Mr. Wonderful would get a private plane so we could visit his family whenever he wanted. And Pine-Sol. The company.

BigGuy: A custom Harley, with all the accessories including Vance & Hines pipes. And maybe a sidecar, so we wouldn’t have to fight over who gets the next ride. Of course, he will have to quit working so he has time to give me more than 2 rides per summer.

Firstborn Spawn: NOT a pole. I’d buy her the Minnesota Wild.

Unloved Middle Child: We would follow The Boss on tour, front row, backstage, etc. And pie. Scooter Pie.

The Boy: His own museum full of trains and dinosaur skeletons.

If money were no object, what is the wildest Christmas gift you would buy?

17 thoughts on “PowerBall Christmas Shopping List

    1. Bahahahaha! Whew. I confirmed this is MY Mr. Wonderful. Ok I got it. First, the caveats: IF money were no object, and I was forced to BUY a gift for me (something tangible, that money CAN buy), I’d have a castle built near the treehouse, overlooking the gravel pit. Multiple towers, so each Pajari Girl could have one. You can bunk in mine. 🙂


  1. I would by George Strait…. My life would be complete, well, and Jon Bon Jovi, THEN my life would be complete! 🙂


  2. I would buy or have built an indoor hockey rink for Twig Hockey, since I made that promise years ago. I would have a new house built. I would pay off my bills and give my daughter and son a whole bunch of money. Don’t need anything else since my life is already rich. It is the little things in life that make a difference.


  3. My first act as Minnesota Wild owner will be to do my part in getting rid of Gary Bettman so we can actually HAVE a team. Then promptly after I would buy one of those three-foot long, Audrey Hepburn-cigarette holder thingys and just wander around the locker room takin care of business LIKE A BOSS. Thanks mum 🙂


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